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Spark sales conversations and build mental familiarity with healthcare executives and their teams

Campaign Highlights:

Total Prospect Pool

17K with ARR up to $6M per account

Sales Actions

1,650+ with 8 presentations within months 


 C-Suite and VPs at hospitals and healthcare systems


The Challenge

For decades, a well-established education company helped millions of prospective students get their start in higher education. Post-pandemic, they recognized an opportunity to address the shortage of healthcare workers by asking prospective students if they would like to work in healthcare while pursuing their education. This helped students avoid taking on debt and allowed health systems to staff jobs that would have likely stayed vacant.


This new way of job placements required our client to grow awareness and education with their new sales prospects - VPs and C-Suite executives at large healthcare systems. Acting as a startup within their organizations, they needed to build everything from the ground up. The sales and marketing teams needed a complete playbook, CRM system, and outreach campaign to grow mental familiarity

The Solution

LTO started by building a CRM system, integrating it into existing platforms and crafting sales automation that could run, track and optimize campaigns. We sourced expansive prospect records for the startup, including key data points with verified contact information like email and LinkedIn profiles. With a solid foundation, we crafted an outreach campaign that introduced 17K tier-one verified healthcare leaders to the brand and sequences that included educational resources and target messaging. With 1:1 outreach and prospect data, we were able to tweak the solutions and CTA’s to specific regions, organization sizes and more for more personal outreach. 


The Outcome 


Within the first month of cold outreach, 21 healthcare executives were not only directly engaging with our clients but also forwarding the resources along to their teams an average of eight times per message. We grew awareness within these large healthcare systems by providing clear and concise solutions. With LTO’s reporting and re-targeting, we engaged with multiple stakeholders within one organization and drove website clicks, leading to a huge boost in awareness and more informed sales calls. Eight meetings with key decision makers were scheduled, with total forecasted revenue from these opportunities exceeding $20M ARR. 

Reaching More Leads with the Pass Along Effect

B2B sales approaches have drastically changed. Gone are the days when sales teams could have a few calls with just one decision-maker. According to Gartner, in complex B2B purchases, there is an average of 6-10 decision-makers on each purchase. Translation: Marketing and sales teams need to speak to multiple organizational stakeholders and encourage conversations among teams. 


With the right calls to action and outreach strategy, we can achieve the Pass Along Effect - the act of one prospect forwarding an email or landing page to multiple coworkers and organically spreading your messaging. When your company is new, outbound email campaigns that are specific, personal and helpful are a cost-effective way to create mass awareness within key accounts. LTO has a proprietary method for nurturing these pass-along effect prospects. We keep them aware and engaged until they become an MQL or SQL and are ready to make a purchasing decision. 

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