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Startup Fractional CMO / CRO

Hi! I'm Alison French and my happy place is helping companies scale revenue by focusing on the intersection of sales and marketing. 

For early to mid stage startups leaning into top-down B2B sales there is no reason to put sales and marketing into separate silos. Sales and marketing working in tandem is the fastest way to scale revenue. This is why I choose to approach my fractional work in a hybrid role that focuses on how we can serve the prospect with sales and marketing, which ultimately drives revenue!


My goal as a fractional, remote CMO / CRO is to help B2B and B2B2C leaders build a sales and marketing infrastructure that streamlines lead generation and customer acquisition; while minimizing spend. This approach helps address immediate revenue needs and greases the flywheel to speed up future growth.

If this aligns with your goals we should chat!


My Highlight Reel

My career has not followed the typical path. From managing global, corporate marketing campaigns to building several companies from scratch, my breadth of knowledge on how all aspects of a business work together to create a thriving organization is my greatest asset.

Founder | CEO | CMO
@ Emerged, Inc.

Generated a $9M valuation for a bootstrapped startup that focused on helping healthcare companies reduce costs associated with sales prospecting and customer acquisition by automating digital selling.

Founding Investor & e-Commerce and Marketing Advisor @ PowerDot

Part of the founding team and ongoing marketing and e-commerce advisor. Efforts led to a successful exit to Therabody in 2022.

Global VP of Marketing @ Nutritional Growth Solutions

We started with nothing (no product, no brand, no revenue) and ended with an IPO on ASX (A$24m) in 3 years. As employee #1 I touched all aspects of this startup—product development, operations, finance, sales, and marketing.

Senior e-Commerce & Digital Marketing Manager @ DJO Global

Employee #1 at an e-Commerce start-up that was acquired by DJO Global, the largest medical device company in the world, in 2011. I stayed on and achieved 10x revenue growth and expand the consumer e-commerce footprint globally.

Want to Hire a Part Time CMO / CRO?

I love working with startups and it pains me to see a founder's dream fail due to lack of sales and marketing prowess. Budget is typically what keeps a founder from bringing in strategic support so I'm here to solve that with my fractional, remote chief marketing officer / revenue officer services.


I offer tiered pricing based on your current revenue, how much you're spending on sales and marketing, and how quickly you want to scale revenue.


Plans start at $850 a month, which includes 2 strategy calls per month.

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