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Close More Leads


Our B2B lead nurturing helps you generate more leads, convert those leads into opportunities, and ultimately, close deals.


The secret to closing more leads in B2B sales is committing to a 6-12 month automated, lead nurturing program. That way you stay front-of-mind with all stakeholders throughout the consideration phase and until the contract closes.

Competing priorities, lack of technical know-how, and the shiny object syndrome are what stand in the way of most companies from achieving this. 

Enter LTO...We make it easy and affordable to run a full-funnel, multi-channel B2B lead nurturing program.


We help you roll out our proven, automated lead nurturing strategy, which helps you avoid the common pitfalls of tech stack and channel selection.


From there your B2B lead nurturing engine is chugging along behind the scenes 24/7, keeping your leads engaged and moving down the sales funnel. Best of all, you don't have to worry about missing out on revenue because your sales team forgot to stay on top of old leads or misread the signs of a dead deal.



It's proven that marketing leads to sales.
We make it easy (and affordable!) to play the long game with B2B lead nurturing.

We help you stay connected to your prospects, so they’re more likely to close the deal with you.

Our team of experts will implement your entire lead nurturing engine, so you can save time and focus on growing your business.

We help you stay front-of-mind with all stakeholders until the deal is closed.

Affordable Options for Every Budget

Option 1

Comprehensive Nurturing for Engaged Leads

$3,750 one-time

  • Nurturing email sequence to keep prospect engaged for up to 12 months (4-6 touchpoints; depends on the length of your sales cycle)

  • ​Holiday email sequence

  • LinkedIn networking sequence

  • Matched Audience media + retargeting (includes setup + 1 month of management for 2 channels)



Option 2

Just Nurturing Emails

$1,500 one-time

You have prospects in your pipeline who have expressed interest at some point, but have now gone cold. Launching a nurturing sequence helps you stay front-of-mind so they contact you, not your competitor, when they're ready to move forward.


Option 3

Just "Prospect Targeted" Ads + Retargeting

Keep your ad budget in check by serving ads to the exact prospect you know will buy your product or service.

  • $550 per channel/month + 10% of ad spend

  • $350 one-time setup fee per channel 



  • 1 set of ad creative w/1 round of revisions $450

  • 1 qualifying landing page w/1 round of revisions $750

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The following solutions will help you grow revenue without spending a fortune. 

LTO (Lead to Opportunity) is on a mission to help B2B startups and bootstrapped businesses grow revenue without spending a fortune. We believe in tackling prospecting and nurturing actions in bite-sized chunks so you can scale revenue without adding costly headcount or marketing campaigns. 

Every business wants to generate more revenue, however, sales and marketing budgets for startups and bootstrapped businesses can be limited; making it hard to know which sales or marketing tactics to prioritize. We've created a suite of solutions that allow you to choose what your business needs now. You can always come back and add more as you scale.

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