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How to Maximize ROI for Trade Shows & Conference

If you're focused on collecting leads at a trade show or how to maximize your trade show return on investment we have the solution for you. We make it easy and affordable to maximize trade show ROI with our 3-part (pre-, during, and post-show) prospecting and nurturing bundle.


You’ve made a serious investment in attending and/or exhibiting. If your plan involves having your team stand at the booth or have your reps “walk the show” we can help. Consider this bundle your insurance plan for maximizing the ROI.


We have several tactics for sourcing prospect data for conference attendees and exhibitors. We custom curate the prospect list for every customer so this is not “buying a list”. Our data is double-verified to increase deliverability and response rates.

Don't limit yourself to collecting leads at the trade show or conference. Pre- and post-show campaigns drive higher response rates than traditional lead generation tactics.

Benefit from high open rates due to relevancy of the show to the prospect. 

Increase in reply rates help generate ROI from prospects not attending in-person.

Generate high-quality leads from your ICPs even if you aren't able to attend in-person.

Affordable Options for Every Budget


Option 1

Maximum Success Bundle

$9,500 one-time

  • Pre-conference cold email sequence (3-4 touchpoints)

  • Post-conference follow up sequence to those you did meet with (3-4 touchpoints)

  • Post-conference follow up sequence to those you didn’t meet with (3-4 touchpoints)

  • Automated LinkedIn networking to conference attendees or speakers

  • 2 LinkedIn posts for sales rep or brand (we provide you with the copy and suggested imagery for 1 post during the conference and 1 following the conference)

  • "Prospect Targeted" digital ads + retargeting - we proactively serve ads to the prospects you'll be contacting at the trade show or conference!

    • Includes setup + 2 month of management for 2 channels

    • Client must cover ad spend (typically starts at $1,000 per month but varies based on audience size), but the 10% of ad spend fee will be waived for customers using the bundle

  • 15% discount on prospect sourcing

*Bonus - Playbook for maximizing success at your next conference. A step-by-step guide to the sales and marketing actions you should take to ensure maximum ROI.

Option 2

Just Email

$2,250 one-time

Prior to the conference or show we will send 2-3 touchpoints to build familiarity with the audience and book appointments. Post event we will launch two separate sequences to engage with the prospects you met with and those that you didn’t meet with. Each of these post-show sequences include 4 touchpoints.



Option 3

Just LinkedIn 

$1750 one-time

Show you're a human by networking (not selling!) on LinkedIn to the exact prospects you're trying to meet at the show. We can help you source the LinkedIn URLs for your prospects.

Option 4

Just "Prospect Targeted" Ads + Retargeting

  • $550 per channel/month + 10% of ad spend

  • $350 one-time setup fee /channel (if no ad account is in place)

  • Ad spend not included and typically starts at $1,000 /month




  • 1 set of ad creative w/1 round of revisions $450

  • 1 qualifying landing page w/1 round of revisions $750

  • Pre-show direct mail - starting at $2 per prospect

  • Post-show Handwritten Note (automated!) - starting at $5 per prospect

  • Geofencing ads and targeting everyone in the conference - Inquire for custom pricing

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