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Outbound and Inside Sales Automation


The reality of B2B sales is your customers are going to decide their decision-making journey…not you. Outbound and inside sales automation is the secret to crushing your revenue goals by playing the long game in B2B outbound prospecting. We'll show you how easy (and affordable) inside sales automation for lead generation can be.

Embracing multichannel targeting is the best and most cost-effective way to entice a prospect to become a lead AND stay front-of-mind for the duration of the sales cycle. 

Our approach to B2B Outbound prospecting for lead generation incorporates 1-to-1 emails, LinkedIn networking, thought leadership, and digital advertising to the EXACT prospects you've identified as your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Automating this multi-channel approach to a defined list of prospects creates "surround sound" — increasing the likelihood that a cold prospect becomes a lead...and a lead becomes an opportunity. 

Best of all, you’ll avoid wasting time and marketing spend acquiring leads through traditional lead generation tactics that won’t convert because the prospect isn’t a good fit or has no intent to purchase.

Multichannel automation is the secret to crushing your revenue goals by playing the long game in B2B outbound prospecting

Reach your prospects where they are and increase your chances of success with our multichannel prospecting services.

We help you focus exclusively on your Ideal Customer Profile and turn those qualified prospects into leads.

Since we only target your exact ICP, you avoid wasting a portion of your budget on prospects that will never turn into a deal. 

Affordable Options for Every Budget

Option 1

Comprehensive Cold Prospecting Launch Package

$3,500 one-time

  • Two cold email sequences (6-8 total touchpoints) to prospects that match your ICP (we can use your data or help you source prospects).

    • We will integrate Chili Piper and Vidyard and specific tactics to drive clicks to your website so prospects can be pixeled for retargeting.

    • Includes best-in-class triggers and automations to simplify administration and maximize success

  • Holiday email sequence that shows your humanity and is great at capturing data from out-of-office messages

  • LinkedIn networking sequence

  • "Prospect Targeted" paid media + retargeting (includes setup + 1 month of management for 1 channel). Ad spend is additional and can be as low as $500 a month.



Option 2

Just Cold Email

 $675 per sequence

Just focus on building your pipeline by emailing cold prospects that match your ICP. We can use your data or help you source prospects.


Option 3

Just LinkedIn

$850 one-time

Show you're a human by networking (not selling!) on LinkedIn to the exact prospects you're trying to sell into. We can help you source the LinkedIn URLs for your prospects.


Option 4

Just "Prospect Targeted" Ads + Retargeting

  • $550 per channel/month + 10% of ad spend.

  • $350 one-time setup fee per channel 

  • Ad spend is additional and can be as low as $500 a month.



  • 1 set of ad creative w/1 round of revisions $450

  • 1 qualifying landing page w/1 round of revisions $750

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The following solutions will help you grow revenue without spending a fortune. 

LTO (Lead to Opportunity) is on a mission to help B2B startups generate leads with high deal closing rates through the use of automation. We believe in tackling prospecting and nurturing actions in bite-sized chunks so you can scale revenue without adding costly headcount or marketing campaigns. 

Ultimately, every business wants to generate more revenue. However, sales and marketing budgets for startups and bootstrapped businesses can be limited, making it hard to know which sales or marketing tactics to prioritize. We've created a suite of solutions that allow you to choose what your business needs now. You can always come back and add more as you scale.

Have questions?

When you choose LTO, we assist with identifying your ideal customer, reach your customers where they are at, and increase your close rates using automations and our multichannel prospecting strategies.

If you’re ready to leverage the power of automation in your sales and close more deals, then schedule an appointment for a complimentary consultation today.

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