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Meet Alison & Matt

 Scaling Revenue Through Sales and Marketing

Both Alison and Matt are founders and serial entrepreneurs with proven track records of surpassing B2B revenue goals. With their entrepreneurial spirits and extensive knowledge in sales and marketing, together they craft tailored strategies that align your sales and marketing efforts seamlessly. 



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Matt is the sales guy who “Flinstoned” his way into marketing by understanding the intricacies of revenue generation which has enabled him to navigate the complexities of both B2B and B2C markets.

With Matt’s tendency to “dive into the trenches” alongside his team, paired with his keen eye for market trends and consumer behavior, he helps businesses stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive in today's dynamic landscape.


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Alison is the Marketing Gal who got bit by the revenue bug and became passionate about helping companies scale their revenue by focusing on the intersection of sales and marketing.

With over 20 years of experience in the field, she specializes in assisting B2B founders and leaders who are venturing into new markets. Her ultimate goal is to help you build a robust sales and marketing infrastructure that not only streamlines lead generation but also maximizes your ability to close deals. And the best part? She does all this while keeping your expenses to a minimum.

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Ready to take the leap?

Let's explore how we can help you achieve your revenue scaling-goals together!

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The #1 way for B2B startups to create a sales strategy that will crush revenue goals is to leverage automation in sales and marketing

Automation is the secret to crushing your revenue goals by playing the long-game in B2B outbound prospecting

Alison French is a proven fractional, remote chief marketing officer for startups.

Find new customers and increase sales by sourcing prospects that match your Ideal Customer Profile ICP.

We make it easy and affordable to maximize conference and tradeshow ROI with our 3-part (pre-, during, and post-show) prospecting and nurturing bundle.

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