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Building a Solid Foundation (Tech Stack)

Are you tired of spending hours on manual tasks that could be automated? Do you want to close more deals, faster? The #1 way for B2B starups to create a sales strategy that will crush revenue goals is to leverage automation in sales and marketing.

Our tech stack includes, Vidyard, Chili Piper, and Hubspot. These tools work together seamlessly to automate your entire sales process, from lead generation to deal closing.

With our tech stack, you:

  • Identify and qualify leads more quickly

  • Send personalized emails and videos from one platform while tracking all clicks and open rates

  • Schedule appointments more easily

  • Track your progress and measure your results

Automate your sales with our proven tech stack

Get the tools you need to close more deals, faster.

From Contract to Launch in two weeks!

Increase your leads, close more deals, and boost your bottom line.

Pricing that's a No-Brainer

Option 1

The Sales Automation Engine

$3,750* /one-time

The best-in-class solution for creating a sales automation engine that saves you time and money! This offering includes...​

  • Outreach account setup to help you fly through your sales actions.

  • Vidyard integration so you can easily incorporate video into your sales efforts.

  • Chili Piper to create seamless appointment setting and reminders for prospects.

  • Hubspot integration to ensure you're set up for integrated sales and marketing campaigns as you scale.

*does not include the licensing costs for the corresponding tools. Clients can expect to pay anywhere from $150-$300 a month (depending on the number of users) for the licenses for all the tools we recommend. 


Option 2

Just Outreach

$2,500* /one-time

Just looking to put a toe-in-the-water when it comes to automating sales? is a great place to start. With this offering we'll help you get your Outreach account setup so you can fly through your sales actions.


Want to integrate your CRM with Outreach? You can add-on that integration for a small, one-time fee.

  • Hubspot integration - $350

  • Use a different CRM? Request a quote.

*does not include the licensing costs for the corresponding tools. starts at about $125 /month.



You May Also Be Interested In...

The following solutions will help you grow revenue without spending a fortune. 

LTO (Lead to Opportunity) is on a mission to help B2B startups and bootstrapped businesses grow revenue without spending a fortune. We believe in tackling prospecting and nurturing actions in bite-sized chunks so you can scale revenue without adding costly headcount or marketing campaigns. 

Ultimately, every business wants to generate more revenue. However, for startups and bootstrapped businesses sales and marketing budgets can be limited; making it hard to know what sales or marketing tactic to prioritize. We've created a suite of solutions that allow you to choose what your business needs now. You can always come back and add more as you scale.

Have questions?

When you choose LTO, we ensure to set up and configure your tech stack so that it is working for you, not against you.

If you’re ready to leverage the power of automation in your sales and close more deals, then schedule an appointment for a complimentary consultation today. We’ll show you how our tech stack can help you achieve your sales goals.


Book a free 25-minute consultation with Alison

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