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Sales Ninja - Your Inside Sales Virtual Assistant

Virtual Sales Assistants Services by US Military Spouses

Our virtual sales assistants are all U.S. military spouses. You get the benefit of a U.S.-based assistant AND provide meaningful work for the people who support those who serve our country.

Time is your most limited and finite resource. When you utilize our highly-qualified and vetted Sales Ninjas, you take back precious hours in your day by handing over some of the most mundane, but still important, tasks that are on your plate.

LTO’s Sales Ninjas will assist with:

  • Screening emails

  • Updating prospect contact information

  • Sending LinkedIn connection requests or engaging with prospect posts

  • Monitoring prospect activity in

  • Flagging the prospects that require your immediate attention.


If you are ready to deploy automations and behind-the-scenes Sales Ninjas to take the simplest, administrative sales tasks off your plate, then schedule your complimentary call now.


Sometimes you just need a little help managing the mundane side of sales.

Protect your time and focus on growing your business.

Let us handle the tasks you don’t have time for.

Get the edge by utilizing our Sales Ninjas...your inside sales virtual assistant.

Affordable Options for Every Budget

Option 1

10 hours/month

$500 (automatic monthly payment)

A sales ninja can typically support up to 1,000 prospects within this amount of time.



Option 2

20 hours/month

$800 (automatic monthly payment)

A sales ninja can typically support up to 3,000 prospects within this amount of time.


Option 3

40 hours/month

$1,500 (automatic monthly payment)

A sales ninja can typically support up to 10,000 prospects within this amount of time. 

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