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Why LTO?

a.k.a. what we bring to every engagement

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We Specialize in Marketing & Sales Strategy to Grow Business to Business (B2B) Revenue

1. By The Numbers

The foundation of any solid sales and marketing program is a realistic forecast and budget. We will provide a gut-check on your trajectory based on the funds you anticipate spending.

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3. No Wasted Spend

Over spending can crush a business. When it comes to sales and marketing we can help ensure your dollars are put towards the best initiatives for your stage of business and growth goals.


2. Referrals To Fantastic Talent

We have built our past 4 businesses with contract talent so we have a deep bench of top-quality contractors and are happy to share them with you!

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4. Transparent Pricing

We know first-hand how misleading scope of works with hour ranges can be. Nothing is worse than getting the final bill and realizing you're at the high-end of the initial range and are stuck paying the bill. That's why we have created flat-rate pricing.

5. Team Expansion

Knowing what role to hire, when to hire, and how much to pay can be daunting. We've learned a lot through our successes and failures in this area and are happy to share our

6. Scope of Work Review

We can be a second set of eyes for any vendor agreement or scope of work to ensure cost, deliverables, and timelines are within a reasonable range.

7. Sales, Marketing, Ops,
Product & Finance Unicorns

You learn to wear a lot of hats as an entrepreneur and employee #1. We are sales and marketers at heart, but have done product, ops and finance roles. We're great at bridging the gap between these departments.

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8. We’re Entrepreneurs Ourselves

Get the best B2B sales strategy from our two founders who happen to be a B2B Fractional CMO and a Fractional VP of Sales AND have lived the startup life first-hand (several times!). Get to know Alison and Matt...

Want to learn more? 

Let's explore how we can help you achieve your revenue-scaling goals together!

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