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Getting Started with LTO

If you know you need help with your B2B lead generation marketing or sales efforts, but aren't sure where to start you’re in the right place.


Ultimately our goal is to help you grow your revenue without spending a fortune. We have 2 ways to help founders and sales leaders who find themself in this position.

1. Audit of Current State

Sometimes you need to assess where you are to know where you’re going. We’ll start with a discovery call to review your tech stack and current business to business lead generation and sales efforts. We talk through your challenges and goals. From there we will recommend what domino makes sense for you to tackle first. You can use the guidance from the audit and execute yourself or you can have LTO help with the execution. If you elect to use LTO for the execution we’ll apply the $500 audit fee to your first project. 


2. Ask Me Anything

Have questions or need advice? Book a call with our founder, Alison French. You’ll enjoy an open dialogue where you can ask for advice or specific questions about growth, tech stack, marketing campaigns, agency or contractor recommendations, managing cash flow, contracts or payment terms, etc. Basically, it’s your opportunity to pick her brain and leverage her 2 decades of experience scaling startups.

We’re here to help you grow your revenue without spending a fortune.

Scale revenue while minimizing upfront marketing and sales cost.

Tackle projects one domino at a time

Leverage a team of top-tier growth experts


Affordable Options for Every Budget

Option 1


$500 one-time

Includes a 60-minute discovery call and recommendations for what to prioritize to scale growth. If you elect to use LTO for the execution, we’ll apply the $500 audit fee as a credit to your first project. 


Option 2

Ask Me Anything

$275 /6 min virtual meeting

​An open forum for you to dialogue with Alison or Matt on the topics that are most pressing to you.


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The following solutions will help you grow revenue without spending a fortune. 

LTO (Lead to Opportunity) is on a mission to help B2B startups and boostrapped businesses grow revenue without spending a fortune. We believe in tackling prospecting and nurturing actions in bite size chunks so you can scale revenue without adding costly headcount or marketing campaigns. 

Ultimately every business wants to generate more revenue. However, for startups and bootstrapped businesses sales and marketing budgets can be limited; making it hard to know what sales or marketing tactic to prioritize. We've created a suite of solutions that allow you to choose what your business needs now. You can always come back and add more as you scale.

Have questions?


Book a free 25-minute consultation with Alison

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