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Opening the Door to Prospects: Conference Outreach

Campaign Highlights:

Total Prospect Pool


Open Rate

40% (Compared to the B2B average at 15.1%)

Response Rate



Hospital and Healthcare System Senior Leaders attending and speaking at Healthcare Conferences


The Challenge

Our healthcare startup client is a matching system connecting aspiring healthcare professionals with employers and career-focused education opportunities. They knew they should attend industry conferences. However, they needed a clear and data-driven strategy to maximize ROI the trip. With more than 5,000 attendees, our messaging needed to be personal, timely and stand out.

The Solution

LTO’s main goal was to open the door for our client’s sales team to have conversations with C-suite and VP executives about solutions to the healthcare industry’s workforce shortage. We started with high-curated prospect lists based on the speaker names, where we scraped and double verified all of the data to ensure low bounce rates and personalized messages. Sales teams often underutilize leveraging unique prospect data, but it can show the target that you are proactive and genuinely interested in talking with them. To leverage the relevancy of the conference, we crafted outreach sequences ahead of the show to build familiarity and schedule meet-ups.


The Outcome 


Before LTO’s outreach system, verified data, and personalized messaging, the company’s conference outreach had high bounce rates and little to no replies. After six weeks of outreach before and after the conference, the email open rates were at 31%, which is 165% higher than the average B2B sales email. We also received positive replies about conference meetings, which told us that prospects appreciated planning ahead and that the timeliness of the event was an amazing attention-grabber. Our systems automated post-show follow-up and appointment setting, allowing sales teams to shift their time from doing hours of outreach to spending thoughtful time with prospects.  

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