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We make scaling revenue easier for B2B startups

LTO (Lead to Opportunity) helps B2B startups create a scalable sales and marketing engine that is aligned with your current revenue, future goals, and the cash you have to invest in growth.

Profitable Revenue Growth


B2B Sales Strategy for Startups

How We Help Our Clients

A seasoned sales guy and a veteran marketing gal, both serial entrepreneurs, founded LTO (Lead to Opportunity). This power duo brings a unique perspective...laser-focused on crushing revenue growth AND doing it without spending a fortune.


If you think of the “crawl, walk, run” continuum, LTO helps B2B startups master the crawl (bootstrap or angel funded) and walk (pre-Series A), so they’re ready to run when traction takes hold.

We save you time.

LTO helps create the infrastructure while executing behind-the-scenes tasks so you can focus on other parts of your business.

We eliminate doubt.

No more wondering what is working; LTO tracks actuals to forecast and isolate what is and isn't working.

We free up mental space.

LTO eliminates the fear that your pipeline is going to dry up. Our outbound prospecting and nurturing engine is always running to your exact ICP. 

We help you save money.

LTO helps you capitalize on every dollar spent on marketing to generate and close more leads.

We reduce headcount.

LTO maximizes your current sales and marketing resources, allowing you to keep your team lean and efficient. 

Lead to Opportunity

Our Solutions Help Achieve Profitable Revenue Growth

B2B Sales Strategy for Startups

B2B Sales & Marketing Infrastructure
The key to long-term success is building a solid foundation with your tech stack, forecast, and tracking.

how to find new customers and increase sales

Find New Customers
We can help identifying your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and source high-quality prospect data to use in outbound prospecting. 

B2B Outbound Prospecting for Lead Generation

Outbound Prospecting Automation
Once you know the exact prospects you’re targeting, we deploy a variety of tactics to capture the attention of the prospect.

Close More Leads with B2B Lead Nurturing

Nurturing Leads and Opportunities
Our automation and omnichannel tactics keep you from worrying about forgetting to follow up with a lead or an opportunity that’s gone quiet.

Virtual Sales Assistants Services

Virtual Sales Assistant Services 
We deploy automations and behind-the-scenes Sales Ninjas to take the simplest, administrative sales tasks off your plate.

Strategies to increase B2B sales revenue

Increase B2B Sales Revenue
Our Revenue Roadmap and sales strategy coaching (Fractional CMO / VP of Sales) ensure you hit your revenue and spend goals. 


Want to learn more? 

Let's hop on a call and discuss your revenue goals and what "bite size chunk" makes sense for you.

Quick Links

The #1 way for B2B startups to create a sales strategy that will crush revenue goals is to leverage automation in sales and marketing

Automation is the secret to crushing your revenue goals by playing the long-game in B2B outbound prospecting

Alison French is a proven fractional, remote chief marketing officer for startups.

Find new customers and increase sales by sourcing prospects that match your Ideal Customer Profile ICP.

We make it easy and affordable to maximize conference and tradeshow ROI with our 3-part (pre-, during, and post-show) prospecting and nurturing bundle.

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